slaine new spell-steal voice

toothill man

Steal voice
EP cost:2 points
Casting time:1 action
Range:corn dolly(as focus)
Target:eek:ne victim
Duration:1-4 weeks (unless released)
Saving throw:Will negates
Spell Resistance:yes
Prerequisities:must be a witch
Magic Attack roll:sets DC for targets saving throw

A old favourite of the old wisewomen wing of the witches its long duration made it ideal as a blackmail tool if the spell works on the victim then his or her vocal cords are locked until duration runs out or they are released.Also known as bards bane it can make sure only the witches words are heard.With the new type of war witch very popular old cunning lore is being passed up by the next generation but this curse has saved many a party from the guards and the group thief will love you forever for using it on there victims :twisted:
As for spell with no prerequisites (ie - available to starting characters) and such low cost (only 2 EP) its duration is way too long. Make it 1-4 days instead of weeks, or increase cost / add new prerequisites. Otherwise it is much too powerful. But cool anyway.

the cost and duration is fine as have too find a old style witch too teach which is a adventure in itself also the spell was too be a personnal attack not requiring mass sacrifices but any changes you want too do is fine by me 8)
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