slaine-new god Sucellus

toothill man

Sucellus is a Gualish war god known as good striker his symbol and weapon is the long handled war mallet.This weapon is banned under pain of sacrifice in drune lands as this worship is seen as anti-drune with fears that he could replace them all.

The drunes fear his cult is still active and they are right his worship is the heart of the skull swords secret ceromonys with every man sworn in to his cult with only the most fanatic warriors like the personnal guard left out and since this cult involves the skull-sword high command and training schools there is little the hated priests can do.

There are secret ceromonys,symbols and hand shakes to show who is a brother and those who are tend too escape the drunes rough form of justice.The few rare statues remaining show a huge well built god with a smile,holding his mallet leaning on a huge barrel of wine with his faithful hound curled at his feet.Sucellus loves war but also loves the feasts and riches battle brings making his outlook very celtic.Living life today with friends,wine and combat he is a real mans god(or as the goddess would say immature and never grown up)

Once the old horned god is gone the warriors left will place good striker were he should be at the centre of every skull swords heart.