Slaine music of war-bagpipes

toothill man

Used by all the tribes but really loved by the finians.Bagpipes are used in war too increase the morale of there side and sap the will of there enemies.Formorrians really hate the sound which has helped them greatly in becoming popular with the northern tribes.

They are also used in feasts and the sending of warriors souls into the arms of there mother goddess.There is also contests between pipers with a show of hands showing who won or lost.

Most settlements have there choice of tunes and are very proud of their pipers who enter combat with only a bagpipe and a dirk(long handled dagger) they normally stand with the tribal standard and the local cheiftain part protected by his bodyguard.
There is also a long tradition of using certain tunes to give instruction at distance on a noisy battlefield like fall back or the trap is set,formorrians know this so the pipers change the tunes all the time too make them very nervous
What about some modifiers for mass combat based on the inspiration of the sound of the pipes and maybe a the enemy having to make check against the distraction of the pipes or possibly afraid of their sound? :p
dont like posting stats as belive it is up too each DM too choose if this or any other rule has a effect in there game.So will post ideas by the bucket but customising them is up too you. :D In my game I gave a extra saving throw against fear etc too the tribes listerning and a save vs morale against enemies with a -2 penalty for formorrians the result of which could lower morale and make commands harder too complete 8)