slaine idea the market of knives

toothill man

Every tribe has its own verson of a theives guild others as you will see are formal and set others are not like the market of knives.As a tribe which prides itself on everyone being differant the Sessair have no overall controlling guild a loose system of apprentice/master relationships is as close as they get.

so were do the sessair go to recover the value of there loot or learn a new skill ready for the next big job?why the market of knives in murias of course were deals are made.stolen items appear for a small finders fee and every sort of theiving/vice sold,taught or on display.the sessairs chaotic outlook on life is best shown here.There are ways other theives know each other with signs and symbols taught with secreat meanings most with a knife motiff.The market is always in murias but the location changes often so a brother theif has too first find another brother and find out the location.

anyone who survives this free for all is a theif and this part of the tribe which welcomes dwarfs,women etc but always at a safe distance and with a hand on their loot.