slaine house rules;clan tartans

toothill man

In my game tribal belonging is very important with everyone wearing there own unique clan colours,every pattern shows a person who knows which settlement he or she comes from.Some wear patterned trousers others still the full body kilt with sporren but only non tribe wear plain colours.Each great clan has tribal colours that only there great heros,councilers,kings and queens wear and is taken as a great honor.

Sessair tribal-red/black

Murias-red/Light blue
Cruachu-red/Dark blue
Roth Grainne-red/light pink
Ulaidh-red/light Green
Aileach-red/Dark Green
Finians-tribal Green/blue

Finias-Green/Dark royal blue
northern highlands-Green/Grey
Southern highlands-Green/light blue
miltary acadamy skatha-Green/red

Fir domain-tribal Dark blue/light Green

Heartlands-Dark blue/red
Oxford-Dark blue/cream
Northern marches-Dark blue/Dark green
Durringham-Dark blue/white
Yboras-Dark blue/yellow
Uskafell-Dark blue/Dark brown
Eastern marches-Dark blue/light brown
Wroxeter-Dark blue/grey
Gloria-Dark blue/silver
Belerion-Dark blue/light blue(very rare)
Glorias smith-Dark blue/light yellow to orange (depending on rank,orange being the rank of guild master)
Shadows- tribal-black/silver

Craig Rhinarth-black/dark blue
liwyn Bryn Dinas-black/brown
Dinas Mynydd- black/light blue
Carn Coch-black/red

Dinas Emrys-black/blue/green and red
(also the tartan of the high king for anyone else too wear is death)


fir bolg tribal-yellow/brown

Dun barc-yellow/blue
heroes are wearing there normal tartans till there fame is such the whole tribe thinks of them as heroes and then they go to the tribal tartan gaining a extra point of enech and a +2 bonus towards reaction among members of his or her tribe however dishonouring this honor will lose them 2 points of enech due too the high standards expected from them at all times.
Really like the work here of having actual tartans and giving some significance to them. As well as some sort of bonus to being recognized wearing the tartan of a specific tribe. Very Cool indeed!
just trying too put a more celtic feel on the setting but got the idea from a picture from the main book of slaine with him wearing a tartan robe 8)
know its late but it was national tartan day in the week so bumped for that reason also would it be possible to turn this into a download please :D
was wondering if as well as the tartans each main settlements weapons could also gave who they were for example the shadows weapons could carry the blacked out emblem of the sun in dark grey so a weapon left in the ground could be a calling card also a great way to start a feud will I think work on it :D
Speaking of National tartan day I wore my kilt for the occasion. The looks or the questions I recieved were interesting. Also the idea of clan weapondry is interesting as well. Care to elaborate more on this idear?
remember a old gaz on the elves of alfhelm were every tribe had there own swords and hilts and feel the idea can be turned into a slaine idea thats all.
Great Stuff!

Just brought Slaine a week ago starting a campaign very soon, the game looks so much fun to DM! The 5 Players are begging me to start after just having a few glimpses of the handbook!!

Ill definatly be using this cloaks system! :p