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For the Fir bolg warrior his own waste can be a weapon causing there enemies wounds too fester and rot.Not only is there hair spiked with there own dung but there weapons are also encrusted.As they worship crum and decay the more flies on a warrior the more they belive that warrior is honoured they are by there god.

they tend to adventure with other Fir bolg who are use too the smell.Even dwarves find them smelly(which is saying something) with a strong penalty to making new friends.They adventure when not at war too gather treasure,slaves and practice for the next war against those who are not of there tribe.

A dung warrior is so use to his aroma that he no longer notices it.His waste and smell is used to empower his weapons and mark him as a warrior of his tribe.Apert from the stench he is a normal celt proud,quick to combat,slow to forgive and very sure of his place in his tribe.

Anyone struck by a weapon that is infected will have a extra 1d4 dmg per hour extra to the original damage until cured by healing or bathing.A dung warrior is also due too his style of living is immune too fly bourne diseases and a +2 save too all natural diseases and poisons due too a high tolerance to such things.

they are naturally not good at relations with others not from there tribe apart from drune lords so suffer a -2 penalty too there reactions. Due too the stench there is a -4 penalty too all stealth attacks due too the fact they most often smelt before being seen the same penalty too tracking ang hunting skills for the same reason.Any goods or weapons taken from a dung warrior is only worth a quarter of book value till cleaned up.
Any skill using smell as a sense has a -1 penalty attached.
Wow! Tooth some great work here I really like this. I mean nothing can be more distracting than the smell and the flies and well encrusted weapons that cause festering rotty wounds. Very dark and rightfully wrong.

It is devishly evil and I like it! :twisted:
prophet118 said:
i guess this is better than the crap

:D have too tidy my notes with some feats and spells as well as a few other classes and characters so keep watching guys :twisted: