slaine fir bolg warped one concept-damned of crom

toothill man

warped ones do appear sometimes among the fir bolg but are given no status used by the priests and hunters as animals and shock troops.Fed on carrion and the dead they slay,they become foul parodys of the warped ones of the other tribes. Taught from as soon as they show signs of being warped that they are the damned of crom there only task is too kill and feast on the dead otherwise they are caged with the hounds till times of hunt or war.


unless found with a handler or priest/druid they sometimes are found in hidden pits guarding unholy fir bolg sites otherwise only seen on mass in war.they normally wear a hero harness with signs of crom Engraved on it and a collar with a hoop to put a guide chain on that is all. Normally using whole trees in spasm they otherwise make do with what there victums had and are allowed too keep or more likely a stout wooden club.


Having been taught that they are are more animal than human they act more like the hounds they run with than heroes,even in warped form they are more animal like than a normal warped warrior,No one has tryed in living memory too turn them against crom and towards the goddess but that would be a challenge fit for real heroes.


They are treated as normal warped ones as far as spasms are concerned but they have been taught no self control making them truly double edged swords turning on friend as well as foe which is why the pits or cages are used.


They all get a major geas as soon as they are found out but as have no self control most in the end break their taboo.They are never taught about any weapons above simple and never wear armor there "curse of warp" is too do there damage.They are never shown how too read or have any skills that require learning or knowlege given the same training as hounsd they are treated as the animals they become.
was used in my game as a quest challenge for the group trying too gain the favour of the goddess by trying too bring the damned back into the fold :)