slaine comic update

toothill man

just a quick note too say that 2000AD IS PUBLISHING ALL NEW ADVENTURES OF OUR BOY SLAINE so get the weekly issue last week had a beautiful wrap round cover :shock:
it is the last or third part of the book of war called tara it is the pictures that look so good as slaine is forced to hunt the goddess in her own realm
it is looking good the el women in this issue are mean and act like evil demons sowing doubt as well as trying too slay slaine and as for the bunny boiling well 8)
the end of this strip was a shocker but the blerb in the front promised more slaine later in the year.will tell you slaine heads when he next comes round loved the scissor sword and some of the el-womens weapons has given me some good ideas :twisted:
For those with Hastings in their town. I just picked up slaine the King in hardback for $2.99 :shock: on the discount rack :D,
Are any of the more recent stories coming out as graphic novels, im thinking of scota and the new one i missed that started this year. Also can anyone tell me what issues the new storyline after Scota started and continued for so I can get backissues?
sorry about the time delay lifes been a rush at the moment it scota starts with a double length prog 2005 then 1420-1426 hope that helps
it starts again with a new comic stript this one called odacon starting with this weeks prog 1436 and is the start of book 5 of the books of invasion buy it because its slaine and at the moment 2000AD is such a powerhouse of british comic power to not buy it is to question your pride in the motherland :lol:
I am definately going to have to pick this up at some point. Just dropping a "Hello" to ya Tooth and hope your game is going well. Been busy around here so not getting on the site as much as I would like. Hope all is well. 8)
still here the challenge game is going well and the dwarf has settled well if you ever wish you are always welcome back just say the word :wink: this comic story is going well too with a plague of beasties its a good one 8) glad to hear you are well and hope life and work are treating you well 8)
this weeks issue has warriors destroying infected villagers and the mother of all monsters in the lake what more could you want buy it now
I ordered these up so just waiting for the Comic Shoppe I frequent to get a hold of them for me. Hope the game is going well? I hope to get back into it after this play of Macbeth is done here (if your game is still going)

Anywhoo hope all is well and take care!
game is fine and you are welcome anytime old boy 8) this current slaine series is great and this weeks the best so far am also looking forward to going to sailsbury on my holidays and seeing if I can reduce my vast list of backcopy wants at floppys 8) :lol: