Slaine Articles in S&P Mag.

Yogah of Yag

Is anyone familiar with these articles in S&P, and, if so, are they worth the trouble to buy the whole issues?

#15 War Chief
#21 Warriors of Midgard
#22 Magic of Midgard
#23 Temple of Grontenheim

Of all the Slaine RPG articles thus far, which stand out in your minds as "must-haves", if any?
To answer your first question. I don't know. I've only seen what ever has been made available for free download.

Though I reckon the ariticle about Formorian mutations and Leyser weapons might have been interesting.

I was hoping Mongoose might compile all of the Slaine articles into a book or even just compile all the 'S & P's' together also.

But alas, they said maybe, then no.

There were actualley quite of Slaine articles there. More than what you have on the list you wrote up.

If I can find the list I made I shall, post it here to show you.

Otherwise, go to the book section of this site and have a look for your self. You may have to read through the list of contents of about 30 plus issues of the magazine.

Hint, hint. Mongoose publishing should use all the Slaine related 'Signs & Portents' stuff into the new Slaine RPG book.
their are two good senerios
#3 vengence of maeldun(8 pages of high celtic sea epic)
#16 beyond the wailing marshes(11 pages low celtic adventure)

#10 has 11 pages on formorrrians and I consider that as a must buy

of the free ones dont forget
28rp nisse(2 pages)
32rp born of maddness the paressi(16 pages)