Skraag -- who has it, reviews?


Greetings, found a reference to the Skraag book recently and it looked promising. Found one review for it on rpgnet; but I am more interested in hearing from people here who have the book and what they thought of it. Thanks!
its a old old mongoose book about a orc city based on a dwarf stronghold which fell I liked it and it has alot of nickable ideas hope that helps and if you have any other questions please ask 8)
I just bought it, and will be running it in my campaign, as an Orc city where the warband of orcs (characters in the campaign) will soon call a home city, with built in intrigue and all. My FLGS still had a copy of it. So far, the city was nebulous in our game, and I only stat-ed out some bars they went to, to recruit some Orcs and Goblins.


The Prc's are specific to the setting, and look like they will add some flavor. I think there is a little less layout or maps in the city than I would like for a city book, but I'll overcome that with some layouts of my own. There are some built in background histories, and legacies that will work nicely into my campaign with only a few modifications. The Brutal Feat from the book will fit right in with the players' characters.

Overall more material than I expected in the flavor, background, and Prc's for the city, and fewer maps and place descriptions within the city than I would have liked. But in contrast it gives a good basis for expanding the setting to a very useful location.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a strong 7, very useful, some extra bits to make up for what I felt was lacking for the good grade.

I hope this isn't considered bad taste here on Mongooses' own boards, if they see it as a bad thing, I'll be glad to delete, and do a full rating on my own board, and only post a link for those interested.


PS I consider 7 a good rating