Skills for a RQ-style Con Artist

Another song that inspires a RQ question:

"Oh she was fione, that sweet bonny lass,
Like a fair ship on the sea --
But how I regret the day we first met,
For oh how that maid plundered me!"

The song in question tells the story of a hotel chambermaid who raised her dowry by conning visiting seamen, soliciting gifts from them and making them believe she was available, while denying theim their "reward" by means of improbably and embarassing "coincidences".

What sort of skills, and at what levels, would a successful con artist need in MRQ? what sorts of dangers would they face? And how could someone skilled in manipulation and deciet, as opposed to combat skills or breaking & entry, be useful to an adventuring party?
Good question!

Bas: Evaluate?
Bas: Influence
Bas: Lore(World) (probably)
Bas: Sleight
Bas: Perception (possibly, depending on Con Artist)
Bas: Stealth (ditto)
Adv: Craft (various useful little items)
Adv: Disguise
Adv: Languages (to go with the disguise)
Adv: Lore (ditto)
Adv: Mechanisms (depending on the Con Artist)
Adv: Streetwise, esp in city setting

Possibly Artistic Expression and Courtesy from the Companion, but only if particularly relevant....
Halbeat got the skills down.

As for what sort fo dangers that they would face: Risk of reprisals from previous *ahem* customers, the risks of like on the poor side (unless they are a very successful con artisits that goes for the big scrore-in which case the stakes for getting caugght are much more severe), biting off more than they can chew (like discovering that ring you just lifted off of your mark is actually cursed- or that it identifies the bearer as a scret agent of the Crown). Let us not forget the old "irage townsfolk with torches & pitchforks" coming after the con artist. THen there is the risks the come with the class of allies that the con artist must interact with. Muggers, cutthroats, and crime bosses expecting thier cut, are not the most peaceful people, and would naturally be supicuous of someone who makes a living lying and cheating others. Maybe they think the Con Artitis is skimming off the top?

Such a character could be useful to a party of adventurers in several ways. First off, they might be able to gain acess to places, items or information that the group might otherwise find difficult if not impossible to acquire. THe Duke probably won't see, much less head the words of vagabonds off the street, but he might see friends of his trusted fortune teller, and listen to thier warnings. He might even entrust them with dispoing of the "accused" Ring of PW storing that the Dkue recently acquired.

A con artitis would prove invaluable in talking the group out of trouble in social situations. THing like explaining to the town guard that the adventures are but peaceful travellers, who were forced into defending themselves, and not just a bunch of rody drunken bums who started the fight that broke up the local taven.

Not to mention being able to explain to the Dragon in a very clear and friendly manner the excellent reason why the adventures were in the Dragon's Lair.
Yeah, I've found that groups with a good con artist or a character good in the "soft" skills goes a very long way. All of a sudden they have a great deal o foptions open to them other than sneaking past or powering past an opponent or situation. When they don't it also leads to less enjoyable roleplaying, too.