Skill Mastery


What do you think about Skill Mastery as a Feat?

It shows up under the Agent class.

Prerequisite: 8+ skill levels perhaps?
If you were to allow it as a feat then it should not be possible to get it before an agent does (they get it at 6th level).

If you want to do it by ranks, then I'd suggest at the very least 10 ranks (level 7), but I'd be careful about allowing this as it begins to make the agent less useful.

Perhaps make it require skill focus in the skill AND 10 ranks.
The reason why I thought of this as an Idea, is that many of the characters in B5 seem to have that 1 skill that they can do no matter what is going on around them.

Maybe that would be a limit as well, 1 Skill Mastery per character.