Sizemodificators by using a vehicle weapon


When a character fires a vehicle weapon which sizemodificator is used for the
attack roll. The size of the vehicle or the size for the opperator.

For example the hyperion heavy cruiser: The operator uses the twin-linked Heavy Laser Cannon. What´s the sizemodificator for the attack???

-10 or Fine +0 for medium size of the human.

it's the size of the hyperion vs the size of the target. The operator just pushes the button. If however, he whipped out his trusty bowie knife and jumped out into space to stab the target, it would be the size of the operator that you would use.
Thanks, but I´m not an idiot.

Or how I would like to say.

"Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall."

I think if I have a question I can expect a not so silly answer.
Actually the answer is serious, just presented in a less than serious way. It is firing ship vs. target ship for size modifiers.

Now if you really believed the bowie knife is Excalibur by all means have a good stab at the other ship. :wink:
For these forums the answer was serious. we like to have fun on these forums, even when we're answering a serious question seriously :lol: