Size of Babylon miniatures


I just found out that Mongoose is making these. I am sorry if someone else has posted with the same question, but I couldn't find it anywhere. What is the approx size of some of the bigger ships in mm and/or inches? I am mostly interested in the Centauri Octurion and Adira battleships, the Primus battlecruiser, Dargon strike cruiser, and ISA Victory class destroyer. Thanks for your help.

Victory is about 6 inches. Octurion is about the same I believe. Primus about 5, and Dargan is about 4.
Adira umm didn't measure but I saw it in a glass case, looked about 8".
Actually the Primus is 4" long without the probes on the bow, and the Dargan is 3" I don't have an Octurion to measure but when I saw one it was quite a bit bigger than a Primus.
Miniature sizes in mm:

Civilian Tanker Length: 670
Civilian Freighter Length: 670
Raider Carrier Length: 465
Raider Battlewagon Length: 775
EA Hermes Priority Transport Length: 550
EA Tethys Patrol Cutter Length: 360
EA Artemis Heavy Frigate Length: 535
EA Oracle Scout Cruiser Length: 785
EA Olympus Corvette Length: 735
EA Sagittarius Missile Cruiser Length: 875
EA Hyperion Cruiser Length: 820
EA Avenger Carrier Length: 825
EA Omega Destroyer Length: 1250
EA Orestes System Monitor Length: 730
EA Nova Battleship Length: 1250
EA Warlock Length: 1450
EA Poseidon Supercarrier Length: 1725
Narn Sho’Kos Police Cutter Length: 370
Narn Tenthus Frigate Length: 530
Narn Dag’Kar Missile Frigate Length: 490
Narn Sho’Kar Scout Length: 425
Narn Rongoth Destroyer Length: 650
Narn Var’Nic Destroyer Length: 650
Narn Ka’Toc Battle Destroyer Length: 635
Narn G’Karith Patrol Cruiser Length: 720
Narn Th’Nor Light Cruiser Length: 685 (the "half-T'Loth" ship)
Narn T’Loth Assault Cruiser Length: 840
Narn G’Quan Heavy Cruiser Length: 965
Narn Bin’Tak Dreadnought Length: 1255
Dilgar Jashakar Frigate Length: 405
Dilgar Ochlavita Destroyer Length: 595
Dilgar Leskrati Light Cruiser Length: 800
Dilgar Targath Strike Cruiser Length: 1015
Dilgar Tratharti Heavy Cruiser Length: 1055
Dilgar Mankhat Ballistic Cruiser Length: 790
Dilgar Mishakur Battlecruiser Length: 815
Dilgar Garasoch Carrier Length: 980
Dilgar Protra Assault Transport Length: 705
Dilgar Kahtrik Assault Ship Length: 990
Dilgar Athraskala Siege Ship Length: 860
Abbai Shyarie Jammer Frigate Length: 565
Abbai Tiraca Attack Frigate Length: 485
Abbai Milani Carrier Length: 550
Abbai Bimith Defender Length: 815
Abbai Lakara Cruiser Length: 505
Brakiri Halik Fighter Killer Length: 495
Brakiri Ikorta Assault Cruiser Length: 230 / Width: 685
Brakiri Brokados Battle Carrier Length: 865
Brakiri Tashkat Adv. Cruiser Length: 900
Brakiri Avioki Cruiser Length: 550 / Height 710
Drazi Warbird Destroyer Length: 565
Drazi Stormfalcon Cruiser Length: 665
Vree Vaarl Scout Saucer Diameter: 420
Vree Xorr War Saucer Diameter: 460
Vree Xill Battle Saucer Diameter: 645
Centauri Haven Patrol Boat Length: 370
Centauri Maximus Frigate Length: 305
Centauri Mograth Frigate Length: 460
Centauri Darkner Attack Frigate Length: 640
Centauri Kutai Gunship Length: 450
Centauri Vorchan/Demos Length: 480
Centauri Sulust Escort Destroyer Length: 620
Centauri Altarian Destroyer Length: 685
Centauri Covran Scout Length: 570
Centauri Balvarin Carrier Length: 835
Centauri Dargan Strike Cruiser Length: 800
Centauri Centurion Cruiser Length: 925
Centauri Primus Battlecruiser Length: 1050
Centauri Octurion Battleship Length: 1220
Minbari Tinashi Warfrigate Length: 590
Minbari Torontha Assault Frigate Length: 530
Minbari Morshinn Light Carrier Length: 540
Minbari Leshat Heavy Scout Length: 660
Minbari Troligan Cruiser Length: 820
Minbari Tigara Attack Cruiser Length: 660
Minbari Neshatan Gunship Length: 770
Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser Length: 770 / Height: 900
Ranger White Star Gunship Length: 540
IA Victory Cruiser Length: 1475
Drakh Raider Length: 375
Drakh Fast Destroyer Length: 550
Drakh Light Cruiser Length: 587
Vorlon Destroyer Length: 580
Vorlon Light Cruiser Length: 975
Vorlon Heavy Cruiser Length: 1220
Shadow Scout Length: 350
Shadow Hunter Length: 375
Shadow Cruiser Length: 480 / Width 865
ShadowScout said:
Miniature sizes in mm:
EA Omega Destroyer Length: 1250
EA Orestes System Monitor Length: 730
EA Nova Battleship Length: 1250
EA Warlock Length: 1450
EA Poseidon Supercarrier Length: 1725
Wow! A 1.25 meter Omega? How much did that cost? :lol:
Yeah, yeah, somehow the "one-tenth" character before the "mm" was left behind when I copied all that from my word file...

Again, all figures are in 1/10 mm!