Size DV modifiers - help required


Hi, I am fairly new to the Armageddon 2089, having only just finished reading the main rulebook, and was hoping some people on the forum may be able to help clarify some of the rules.

My main concern is with the new size table used by Mongoose in the book and its effect on DV.

If I am reading the table correctly, all humans (Personal size) receive a +4 bonus to their DV, Tiny WarMeks receive a +2 bonus, Small +1, etc.

However the examples used in the personal combat section don't seem to mention the +4 Dv size bonus anywhere. Now I recall reading somewhere in the book that the size modifier does not apply when personal size combatants are shooting at each other. Is this right ? IIRC it only appeared once in the Race section and is not mentioned anywhere in the combat sections.

If this is correct, then the base DV for a human when attacked by a human is 10 (+ Reflex save modifer), while the base DV for a human shooting at a Tine WarMek is 12. Meaning it is easier for a human to shoot a human than it is for him to shoot a WarMek twice his size.

There appears to be a fundamental flaw with the sizes in this case.

Any help or clarification would be appreciated.

Lane Shutt

Good catch, there appears to be some inconsistency to the rules.

The formulas for DV, melee attack and ranged attack rolls all include size modifier. It later states that size mods are never included in attack rolls. Even worse it mentions size mod to attack rolls in the sentence preceding the one stating they are not applied.

I suspect the proper way to play this is:
Apply size mod to attack rolls and DV for personnel only. If only personnel are involved then it can be ignored.
A Warmek or vehicle never applies size mod to attack rolls. Option - apply size mod to melee attacks only.


You could defy the rules and simply apply the size modifier to attack roles as well and make it a permanent part of the stat block. This works out okay until you include WarMeks of size large or bigger (the combination of plusses and minuses really starts adding up). It works well for AD&D, but I have not had a chance to play test it thoroughly for A2089 yet.