Shocked and disheartened

I have to say that I'm shocked and disheartened at some of the vitriole I've seen when checking threads this evening.

Some of you guys should be hanging your heads in shame at the way you are talking to fellow players. I had till this evening considered this to be a friendly forum that was a pleasure to visit, but the behaviour of several posters on here has left me minded to give up on the forum entirely.

Where is the spirit of camaraderie towards your fellow players guys?
I have wondered the same thing myself, it seems to have disapeared completely, and I don't think it started just tonight either. There has been a build up of this over the last few months. An unofficial hierarchy seems to have established itself, where, if one posts without the due reverence and fawning, one opens oneself up to all manner of vitriol. Bring in mods with less tolerance for this kind of abuse and clean up these boards.
How do I say this politely?

Your hands are not entirely clean on this one.

Not looking to point fingers at anyone, but maybe you should review what you've been writing recently?
I can't say I've ever had major problems posting here. Maybe I just answer back, but people bitching at me doesn't make me want to stop posting.

Mind you, if any of you had seen a forum I used to mod and then admin, you'd probably think this place a paradise of consideration and manners... :wink:
It's probably due to the frustration of armageddon, and it's wound a lot of people up, but their thoughts seem to get a lot of people on the defensive.
I've not even been on the receiving end of things, just came on here this evening to find running spit-balls on the first two threads I opened.

And yes, this place is paradise compared to other threads, but that's why I'd given up on forums before anyway. Normal life being too full of people being unpleasant to want to find more in my limited spare time.

Lets hope things calm down now.
give it a few weeks, armageddon anger will subside, as people begin to focus on bitching about ACTA V 2 ;-)

I'll admit I have been rude and abrassive, but sometimes it seems the only way to get anywhere!
Let's hope so.

Haven't even seen Armageddon yet, so not encountered Armageddon Rage (not to be confused with Armageddon Rag, which was a reasonably good book from what I remember).
Well sometimes its just the anonymous nature of the internet that makes for more bitching.

But when i remeber my WoW days. Yikes. You payed for that game and they had as much mod use as this one.

And when you did post balancing stuff, you did not have a right to talk unless you were able to present a lvl 60 char. OFC people building up the same character class as you did, but already having a different max lvl char could always call you down. Doesnt make sense? It does if you consider the average age of a WoW player :S

Maybe that makes you more used to harder stuff, i dont know.
It's the Shadows. They've awoken from their slumber and are starting the next Great War! Step 1: Start conflicts among the younger races.
I can see that not being likely to be held to accout for what you say might give some the courage to be rude, doesn't mean they should.

My 2p worth is that I come here because I like the game, and it's a chance to discuss ideas, questions and the likes with other regular players. While I'd quite happily argue all night on the relative strengths of different tactics/ships/races etc, I see no pleasure in getting angry about it or trading insults. I guess I just don't have the right mindset for such dubious pleasures.
Nightmares about Minbari, I may not have squeeky clean hands, my Mrs who has sat reading these threads with me, in between switching to MUMSNET chat, thinks I have been a pissy little Wan**r, something I deny, I just don't like uncalled for rudeness, especially when it's directed at me. Answering people back is something of a way of life in my line of work, not just a hobby, I run zero tolerance for it outside of here and don't see why I should put up with it from anybody in here either.

I totrally agree with you that it has all got far to personal, but as my Mrs is sat here waiting to go back onto MUMSNET I can only say that dear god they are far bitchier on that than we could ever be on here. Something I didn't think was possible
RHoG, not looking to argue, but reading the thread I didn't see the rudeness you speak of. But then it's always in the eye of the beholder.

It's something that we should all bear in mind here, that we are only communicating on a very limited basis, with simple text. It is very easy to get the wrong end of the stick and think somebody is being p!ssy with us when they arn't. We should all give each other the benefit of the doubt as much as possible.

But that's just my opinion. Your all free to disagree with me.
Personally i think thats the most important point.

Sometimes people can only agree to disagree.

And every opinion is only personal and allies only to oneself.
Must admit I've seen a few rather silly feuds/flames on some of the threads in these forums but I'd rather that than a heavy handed mod enforce some sort of "correct" behaviour.

Still would hate to think people are so aggreived by what they read that they get turned off the game entirely so I try to keep my posts friendly...sometimes I succeed!
I am guilty of some less than pleasant posting. I usually try to cool off if I run a rant but sometimes it slips through.

I think a good portion of what is happening is that there was a long wind up with Arm. Lots of 'just wait until...' and frankly it got hopes up. The change of direction from the tourney list is also striking, and that had already divided the board into camps. At this point I think folks will likely start playing house rules until V2 and then either buy in again or give up.

Either way folks should find it less rewarding try argueing their case here. For a long time folks thought this was the place to have an impact on the direction of the game.

NaM, you should go read some of the posts that where made when Mongoose announced the new SST:Evo. Even I had to say something then and I'm probably one of the easiest guys to get along with. I haven't been on much lately, too many minis to get painted, but I have seen a few arguments and flames, but I just steer clear of those threads and let them fued if they want. Me I'm here because of a game I love, I grow with it as it grows and yea I may bitch from time to time, but I won't blatently flame someone just for a comment. Hop you don't let them run you off.
Ripple said:
Either way folks should find it less rewarding try argueing their case here. For a long time folks thought this was the place to have an impact on the direction of the game.


But it is the place to do that. The rules changes in SFoS and Armageddon came about because of problems that people perceived with the game and were subsequently corrected.

Overpowered Minbari and White Stars were a big bugbear on these boards and they were corrected in the tourney lists and in a better fashion in Armageddon. Underpowered Vorlons were also a complaint, they were changed in Armageddon. People disliked having two fleet lists with SFoS and the Tournament Pack - Armageddon will return us to one list.

Making a point in a reasoned way on these boards is a good way to change the game. Mongoose does listen to posters on these boards. I have already seen some of the points raised here making their way into the second edition.
In fact, it has returned us to one list...just in two books...wait, 3 books...Dilgar! dang, that's 4 books - Drakh! so 4! 4 books! ah ah ah!