Ship Availability


I promised I'd do this a little while ago and I'm just now getting to it, here's the list of ships and when stuff becomes available in the Babylon 5 universe.

For this list it'll be listed by hull first, then variant, years in production, year the last ship will be retired, and when the last ship of that type was destroyed.

Artemis Heavy Frigate
Beta, 2180-2240, N/A, 2248
Zeta. 2242-2257, 2274, N/A

Avenger Heavy Carrier
Gamma, 2168-2242, N/A, 2246

Explorer Survey Vessel
Alpha, 2253-current, N/A, N/A

Hermes Priority Transport
Alpha, 2168-2268, 2277, N/A

Hyperion Heavy Cruiser
Theta, 2246-2262, 2268, N/A
Beta, 2217-2225, 2230, N/A
Delta, 2240-2245, 2272, N/A
Epsilon, 2246-2265, 2278, N/A
Gamma, 2230-2260, 2270, N/A
Lambda, 2257-2263, 2270, N/A
Zeta, 2246-2250, 2253, N/A

Nova Dreadnought
Beta, 2242-2254, 2270, N/A

Olyumpus Corvette
Delta, 2241-2249, 2271, N/A
Beta, 2229-2235, 2240, N/A

Omega Class Destroyer
Alpha, 2250-current, N/A, N/A
Beta, 2255-current, N/A, N/A
Gamma, 2259-current, N/A, N/A

Oracle Scout Cruiser
Gamma, 2216-2252, 2268, N/A

Orestes System Monitor
Epsilon, 2249-2256, 2266, N/A

Poseidon Supercarrier
Alpha, 2262-current, N/A, N/A

Sagittarius Missile Cruiser
Beta, 2230-2240, N/A, 2245

Tethys Police Cutter
Kappa, 2246-2268, 2279, N/A
Iota, 2243-2265, 2279, N/A

All in service dates are taken from Fleet Action, any dates that conflict with dates in the EA book are to be used however you want to use them.

I'll be sure to post other the other fleets after a while.
Alright everyone, this time I have the Minbari fleet.
This will be the same format as before: ship name, years in production, phase out date, and last model destroyed.

Ashinta Close Escort
2066-2200, 2252, N/A

Esharan Anti-Fighter Frigate
2063-2259, 2284, N/A

Grey Sharlin Warcruiser
2058, N/A, N/A

Leshath Heavy Scout
1995-2080, 2279, N/A

Letann Scout
2020-current, N/A, N/A

Morshin Carrier
2022-2235, N/A, N/A

Neshatan Gunship
2251-current, N/A, N/A

Shantavi Heavy Battle Frigate
2259-current, N/A, N/A

Shargoti Battecruiser
2112-current, N/A, N/A

Sharaal War Cruiser
1999-2055, 2062, N/A

Sharlin Warcruiser
2058-current, N/A, N/A

Tigara Attack Cruiser
1990-2210, 2268, N/A

Tinashi War Frigate
2052-2255, N/A, N/A

Torotha Assault Frigate
2006-2250, 2282, N/A

Troligan Armored Cruiser
2166-2186, 2255, N/A

White Star Attack Frigate
2260-2265, 2273, N/A

Once again all this is from AoG, please feel free to use this info at your leisure.
And now, tha Narn fleet. This time it'll be ship name, years in service, and whether or not it was phased out or destroyed as well as the year it happened or I'll say if it's still in service.

Bin'Tak Dreadnought
2245-current, in service

Dag"Kar Missile Frigate
2240-current, in service

G'Karith Patrol Cruiser
2253-current, in service

G'Lan Mag Cruiser
2259-current, in service

G'Quan Heavy Cruiser
2242-current, in service

G'Quonth Attack Cruiser
2252-current, in service

G'Sten War Cruiser
2260-current, in service

G'Tal Command Cruiser
2253-current, in service

Ka'Toc Battle Destroyer
2240-current, in service

Rongoth Destroyer
2241-current, in service

Rothan Plasma Destroyer
2211-2238, phased out (2250)

Sho'Kar Light Scout Cruiser
2240-2259, destroyed (2259)

Sho'Kos Patrol Cutter
2240-current, in service

Sho'Kov Torpedo Cutter
2243-2259, destroyed (2259)

Thentus Frigate
2215-2259, destroyed (2259)

T'Loth Assault Cruiser
2241-2259, destroyed (2259)

T'Rakk Frigate
2213-2259, destroyed (2259)

T'Rann Heavy Carrier
2247-2259, destroyed (2259)

Var'Loth Assault Destroyer
2243-current, destroyed (2259)

Var'Nic Long Range Destroyer
2243-current, destroyed (2259)

More stuff from AOG's Fleet Action, in the case of the last two it looks like the class is still in production but there are no hulls in service. As always use at your own disrestion (yeah I misspelled that).
After a while of not doing this for multiple reasons here is the Centauri fleet (to help celebrate the eventual release of the fact book).

As before it's years in service, phase out date, then date the last hull was destroyed.

Altarian Destroyer
2150-2240, 2280, N/A

Altarian Magnus Destroyer
2208-2220, N/A, 2258

Amar Fast Carrier
2252-current, N/A, N/A

Balvarin Strike Carrier
2192-2260, 2270, N/A

Balvarix Strike Carrier
2262-current, N/A, N/A

Centurion Attack Cruiser
2202-current, N/A, N/A

Corvan Scout
2191-2260, 2285, N/A

Dargan Strike Cruiser
2258-current, N/A, N/A

Darkner Fast Attack Frigate
2249-current, N/A, N/A

Darmoti Escort Warship
2248-current, N/A, N/A

Decurion Assault Warship
2213-2250, 2260, N/A

Demos Heavy Warship
2241-current, N/A, N/A

Elutarian Bombardment Destroyer
2235-2260, 2275, N/A

Emperor's Transport
2202-2204, in service

Haven Patrol Boat
2150-2250, 2270, N/A

Kutai Gunship
2134-2260, N/A, N/A

Maximus Defense Frigate
2191-current, N/A, N/A

Mograth Frigate
2195-2245, 2259, N/A

Mogratti Battle Frigate
2236-2255, 2268, N/A

Octurion Battleship
2202-current, N/A, N/A

Primus Battlecruiser
2202-current, N/A, N/A

Secundus Assault Cruiser
2248-current, N/A, N/A

Sulust Escort Destroyer
2218-current, N/A, N/A

Vasachi Escort Destroyer
2240-2253, N/A, 2258

Vorchan Warship
2160-2241, 2260, N/A

Vorchar Warscout
2177-2190, 2254, N/A

And there you have it, the Centauri fleet. Once again all figures are taken from Fleet Action and are typed here for your use however you see fit.
This part I can do so much easier, the Vorlon fleet.

Heavy Cruiser
Heavy Carrier
Light Cruiser
Battle Destroyer
Destroyer Escort
Light Carrier

They all have service dates of ancient unless they have a primordial date. The short form is they're all in service.
The other easy fleet, the Shadows.

Shadow Omega (Omega Destroyer variant)
Death Cloud

All Shadow ships have service dates of ancient except for the Shadow Omega which is in service in 2260 and for the most part destroyed the same year.
This realy helps with playing n earlier timelines. Say, BEFORE B5 came online...
Hrmm, Earth Membari war... Everyone I know would want to play Membari... :wink: