Shadow Fleet and Scout assembly


Is it just me or are these shadow scouts peticularly frustrating to assemble? A pint of accelerator and a couple tubes of super glue later and I still have half a dozen of those prongs to stick...

Dont get me started on those minbari and Centauri guns...they are in a zip lock in case madness ever takes me and I feel like spending an afternoon sticking those needle extensions on...
Oh ye of little faith...
OK, I admit the the ShadowScouts are a bit difficult. Not to assemble, but to assemble in a way that keeps them assembled! (as those spines sure like to break off at the slightest touch if you just glue them on)

I used my trusty 1mm drill and clipped off metal nails to deal with that problem - that requires some experience in metal-miniature working though (and maybe a few extra spines if your experience isn't quite up to the task).

As for the Minbari and Centauri bits - those are easy, all you need is to deepen the holes with a small drill. Just go into any good hardware store and buy yourself the three drills needful for every modeller (1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm; with spares as you Will eventiually break them once you start working), and one or more Pin Vice (no power drilling with minis, it only breaks those small drills! Games Workshop makes a nice Pin Vice Set, I can tell from experience that it's worth buying... I have three, one per drill size, so I don't loose time changing drills)

Hey, I used to put additional antennas onto my EA ships! (and will continue to do so once I locate another source of antenna-grade 0.5mm diameter steel wire - my stockpile hoarded from my Battletech days - yes, those wire bits that were packed with mechs... dunno if they still are, as I lost interest with BT when they were infected with "mech type madness" after the introduction of the clans, somewhen around ten years ago... oh, those were the days, when a hundred mech miniatures moved on a hexmap at my slightest whim... :p )