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Should I post my Shadizar Sessions

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Arkobla Conn

Recently, I ran the first session of the Shadizar adventure with my group containing Hadrathus, Raz, Lady Maja, Ajonga, Belyara & Abaddon. It was fun, contained much debauchery and plenty of gore.

I ask, since they will contain spoilers...
I`ve got no problem with it... My players don`t hang around here. :D

Your write ups have been entertaining so far, so I say keep it up!

I partly ordered "Ancient kingdoms: Mesopotamia" because of you ( :wink: ). So I guess I could read your Shadizar session. But as I want to keep intact my reading of the boxed set, I will read "across" the lines.
You should definitely post the outcomes of the adventures. I can't speak for Vincent, but I've always enjoyed reading descriptions of sessions based on material I've written, and the Shadizar scenario and sourcebook was a lot of Wrong Bad Fun (and fun to proofread!).
Maybe a section could be started for people to put their game sessions in and could be easily found

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Post away man!

I wrote up the first session of my experience with the module here on my little site:

I hope to have the second (last) session up soon. However with a broken right arm it may be a little while ;) We just played this session today. Handy being off work, started at 11am and finished by 2.30pm. I'd say we took about 6-7 hours to finish the module. Lots were changed slightly and I skipped the bordello scene totally.
Thanks for the outstanding support. I will be summarizing the first scene...which definately includes the bordello scene this weekend :)