Shadizar details - Yo Vince ;)


From the Conan RPG Shadizar description:

"Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Cimmerian, mentioned Shadizar the Wicked in several stories, but he did not write one with Shadizar as the actual setting. Possibly the city was too lurid in his mind to permit such a story in the 1930’s. More likely his interest was simply elsewhere. However, the tantalising hints have fascinated Conan fans for decades. Other authors, having picked up the Conan tales since the 1970’s, have explored the city to varying degrees. Roy Thomas and other comic authors have placed stories within the alabaster towers of Shadizar. Devil Wings Over Shadizar, written by Roy Thomas in the sixth issue of Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian, remains one of my favourite Conan stories. Robert Jordan wrote three novels set in Shadizar, Conan the Invincible, Conan the Destroyer and Conan the Magnificent. This book draws on these source materials to present Shadizar the Wicked in lurid detail."

It would appear that if you drew from those source materials, that you likely used all the tidbits from Howard, but then had to draw a lot from the 3 novels by Jordan, simply given the volume of description there in comparison to other sources - would that be fair to say? How much does the Shadizar supplement draw from Jordan?
Not much actually. A few place names and a few named characters. The same with some Roy Thomas derived materials. Virtually the rest of it I extrapolated from Howard or made up on my own. Some of it came from Andrew Offut as well (I think Offut first named Shadizar's maul "the Desert", something Jordan continued. Since two other authors used it, I decided to as well). Basically, if I actually name a tavern or a street, it came from a source. If it is general in nature, I probably invented it or expanded upon the available sources. I used as much Howard as I possibly could.

I think Jordan came up with "the Dust", the street urchans, but he really only said a few lines about them. I had to come up with an actual culture. I could not even hazard a guess as to how much is Jordan, Thomas, Offut, Howard or Darlage. It is all interwined and interwoven in there.