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Shadizar the Wicked

Thief Organizations:

I see at least three thieving guilds that operate and control the bulk of the cities vice and corruption. These three groups control a portion of the dark dealing that go on within the city. Each has an area of expertise that differs from the other groups. In no way are these three groups friendly and usually conflict and death accompany their meetings. At this current time, an uneasy truce exists between the three guilds, but this can easily be shattered with a simple, unforeseen, incident. (An excellent starting point for a thief-type campaign)

1) “The Flayed Skulls” operate the eastern side of the city. Their main trade is the illegal import of illegal spices and narcotics. The Flayed Skulls control all the Lotus trade within the city and have several large warehouse and “hidden” basements where they store the illegal goods. The leader of the guild is an elderly man named “Gorthos”. Gorthos is almost 60 years old and holds his power by constantly removing his subordinates thru trickery or murder. He has been guild master for over 11 years and plans to stay in that position for a very long time. The only known ally of the Flayed Skulls is “Hurom Vashivar”, captain of the watch at the Eastern gate of Shadizar.
2) “The Spike Hand” operates the western side of the city. Their main trade is slavery, both the import and export. Many wayward sons or disowned daughters of Shadizar have found their way into the Spike Hands chains. The Hand uses an old noble’s villa on the edge of the western wall of the city. A secret tunnel runs under the city wall and connects the villa with an abandoned mine just two miles outside the city. “Zarkthala”, a disenchanted Zamoran noble, is guild master of the Hands and has been in charge for five years. The only known ally of the Hands is “Kurthos of Koth”, an accomplished slave trader who travels the western kingdoms, hunting for only the choices slaves to sell in the markets of Shadizar.
3) The Blood Knives” operates most of the southern side of the city. Their main trade is the control of all the beggars, prostitutes, gambling and cutpurses within the city. The Blood Knives have many “safe-houses” and brothels scattered about the city, but their main den of corruption is the pleasure house known as “The golden Lilly”, located near the south-central part of Shadizar. “Olgan the Black” is guild master of the Blood Knives and has held that position for almost 3 years. The only known ally of the Blood Knives is the priest “Daragon of Bel”.

Dark Cults:

1) There is a small, underground temple to “Bell God of Thieves” in the north-eastern part of the city. It is located underneath an old, abandoned warehouse that has fallen into disrepair. Daragon of Bel is the High Priest of the temple and has 11 acolytes to call upon when in need. Daragon has no world inspiring ambitions or plans and merely keeps the temple running to support his debauching ways. He is allied with the Blood Knives guild of thieves, who provide him with ample female companionship.
2) Priests of the God Zath have secretly built a shrine to their god within the city. Lord Amarz of Shadizar is a devout worshipper of Zath and has used his wealth and connections to secretly build a shrine to his god within his own estate. Lord Amarz estate is located near the northern wall of the city and is one of the wealthiest in Shadizar. Lord Amarz has built a subterranean chamber where faithful of Zath may come and worship as well as sacrifice in their gods name.
3) The Cult of Nergal, who have been growing over the years, has secretly established a “safe house” in the south-western part of the city. It is located in an old building called “The Black Blade Inn”. “Kursha of Tauran” is the proprietor of the Black Blade and is also the highest ranking member of the cult of Nergal east of Corinthia. Kursha has only been in Shadizar for two years and is slowly building up his contacts within the city. Kursha is hoping that the dark and evil ways of Shadizar will suit his Demon God well and provide a new pool of recruits and victims.

NPC Personages:

1) Malcolm of Nemedia, 4th level Soldier, Knight of Nemedia, Ambassador to Zamora, seeking alliance with King of Zamora.
2) Kietal Ovarley, 3rd level Scholar, Noblewoman of Ophir, seeks access to King of Zamora’s ancient library, searching for lost arcane lore.
3) Gershom of Shem, 6th level Noble, seeks to form alliance with “Spiked Hand” guild and control slave trade between Zamora and Shem.
4) Vulgrom of Koth, 7th level Soldier/2nd level Thief, leader of mercenary band known as “Vulgroms Band”, will hire out to the highest bidder and have no compunctions about murdering. Over 35 individual’s warriors in his mercenary band.
5) Iphin Al’Rushin, 5th level Nomad/2nd level Soldier, comes from the western steppes of Turan, seeking adventure and wealth; he does have a code of honor.
Very nice Eric, and useful as I'm setting up in Zamora.

Can anyone from Mongoose say whether this will contradict any information in the forthcoming Shadizar book? I would rather use it in another city than have to change things when that book comes out.

Also, has the Cult of Nergal been covered yet.
I can't find reference to it in any of the books, although I haven't finished absorbing Road of Kings yet.

Glad you liked it, hope it helps.


I hope it doesn't, in any way, interfere with the "Shadizar" supplement scheduled to come out later. I know Vincent Darlage is working on it and that means it will be of the highest quality and content.

As to the Cult of Nergal, one of REH's unfinished stories was called "The Hand of Nergal". Im working on a adventure based around the Cult of Nergal, but maybe I will just post something short like the Shadizar information.

Eric in Vegas
EricKRod said:
As to the Cult of Nergal, one of REH's unfinished stories was called "The Hand of Nergal". Im working on a adventure based around the Cult of Nergal, but maybe I will just post something short like the Shadizar information.

Thanks Eric, I will enjoy making use of it all, especially for my game set in Shadizar and Larsha for DragonCon 2004 and beyond. I really look forward to the Shadizar book and love Conan so far from everything I've experienced. Good work Mongoose!