Servants of Agarash?


Question about Agarash and his servants,

Will Agarash himself be detailed in the darklands sourcebook? Will we get a pic?! Stats?! Also, could anyone list his big bad servants? Generals? Names, what they looked like, powers, where they were based.

I plan on exploring this in my adventures when i get the RPG. I just don't know much about the very distant past of Magnamund.

Any cannon or speculation is welcome.



Agarash himself (itself) is not in the Darklands sourcebook. After all, his domain was FAR from the Darklands and his defeat was long before the time of the Darklords themselves. I toyed with the idea of including him, but there simply wasn't room and he was only tangentally related to the topic of the book.

Now that said, a Signs and Portents article on the big A and his legacy might not be a bad idea for the future...