Serious chin strokage about these



Bout mid-way. The Wendigo to be precise... of Hyperborea...

Did a double take a few times I can tell you.

Is this like, a Conan thing (semi-prays it is, as it would lead to Conan game) or is it just name borrowing?
The mythical land of Hyperborea has been used in books and movies for years. I'm pretty sure it is not reference to Conan's Hyperborea, although I do think the miniatures are cool and they could definately be used in the Conan game.

Eric in Vegas
Well, I know that the company plans on expanding the game to include beings from Greek and Norse mythology. In addition there was talk of including a group of Hyborean war gods. so it is possible that we may see some minis from them that would be good for the Conan rpg.

BTW, the following mini looks like it would be perfect for a Stygian preistess;