Security Company - rent a cop



In "The Fiery Trial" there is a private security company. "Paladin" if I recall correctly.

In my campaign, I have introduced another private security company "EVSA" (Enternal Vigilant Security Agency). Their logo is a shield like patch with an eye centered and a flaming sword pointed upward behind the eye. The company name is around the rim of the shield.

The purpose is to have a way to get very diverse PCs to work together on a given mission.

Each prospective employee undergoes a background check to qualify for a private license to carry weapons while on company business.

They can be full time or part time employees.


8) nice idea. Maybe around a espionage campaign for private company`s.
This company can be used for dirty works for the large Megacorps maybe ?
I agree, this is a nice idea.

There are a number of real-world security companies that function this way. The Pinkerton Agency is one well-known example.

Some possible twists could be if the company was hired to provide security for someone who is being attacked by vandals/terrorists. You could get some interesting ethical clashes ouf of the argument over who the real bad guys are.

There are also areas where security starts to become paramilitary. Security for things like oil fields in Third World countries tends to be this way.

You could also twist the concept to produce a dirty-work team that provides the opposition to the party. It could even be a front for raiders.

I wonder what would happen if Mr. Morden hired the security company to do something?

Jon Acheson