Secrets of the Ancients free download?


I'm an aspiring Traveller referee, about to take my first leap into GMing what looks like a most excellent gaming system. :) I've bought the Core Rulebook, had a good read, and have decided to run a pre-gen campaign as I am completely unfamiliar with the setting although it sounds very interesting.

I found the Pirates of Drinax free campaign on the Mongoose website, as well as the Secrets of the Ancients. They both sound interesting, and although I'm leaning more towards the Pirates campaign, would like to have a look at the Secrets as well. However, I can't seem to find the link to download it... And if you feel like commenting (thanks so much), which of the two campaigns would you recommend?

Thanks a lot!
Oh yeah... that works. :) I had clicked on the link for Pirates, but then noted that you just download it from the screen. So I missed the link in the confirmatory email. Thanks a lot!