Scholar troubles... a roleplaying dilemna.


Thanks Maximo. In their introductory session I had the scholar flee Stygia with some other acolytes and his master, and a lot of them were killed in Shem. When I ran them through Kovag Re in their second adventure, I re-introduced some information about a villain who was trying to kidnap/kill/do nasty things to the Stygians. But I haven't given him a face to face encounter yet, was saving that for a higher level. But I think you may be right, it may be time to up the threat level to try to bring the (3) players together.
Up the threat level?!?

I better start taking soldier levels :wink:

You've been busy on these boards Bregales. There have been good suggestions for "the scholar dilemna" though, ultimately, a well-played scholar is bound to become the top banana in the bunch (or at least should aspire to be the guiding hand of the group). As in life this will lead to group conflict or a disbanding of the group (unless the group doesn't mind serving a megalomaniacal despot).

Hey Tiberius! :D Yes, I have been busy. And while your observation holds much truth, like I'd indicated earlier (and hinted to you in conversations when you guys made up your characters way back when), because I was troubled about character imbalances I had jotted down some possiblilities that would at worst be like a bad "Dallas" episode or at best real cruxes to keep you guys together or at least dependent on each other.

It seems to me that having a scholar in a Conan game makes the GM's job so much more involved than in, say, a dnd game. For me, it's troublesome fun, because I have to work on character motivation, background, and conflict on a different level than I do with any other character class. But it also makes the GM think more like a story writer than just a guy throwing stats against player stats for hack n slash. Motivation and conflict are constant themes I have to be aware of. Our group may fail ultimately, but it's too soon to tell. So I'll definitely keep an eye on this post. Am glad you posted it, and am glad for everyone's comments, suggestions, input.