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Thought I'd share a couple of scenario ideas I had for my campaign with you and the sources which inspired them.

Heres the first one.

1) The Tower at the Edge of the World.

King of Shemish City-State put in death-like trance by Stygian Sorceror. PC pirate crew hired to find magic gem to cure him.

They travel to Vanaheim to find Tower of Wizard from Ancient Thule.

Along the way they fight Vanir Sea-Wolves, Gnoph-Keh, White Snow Apes, a lightning bolt door trap and the ghost of the Wizard himself.

Sources: SINBAD AND THE EYE THE TIGER (Film 1977), Tigers of the Sea (REH book) , Polaris (HP Lovecraft), The Lair of the Ice Worm (DeCamp and Carter).

Please throw in any suggestions to expand the story and post a few of your own ideas as well. Thanks.
Sounds kewl.

Here's the one I'm in the middle of.

The Breastplate of Renaldo
Carcossa in the Swamp
The Set up:
In the war torn Zingaran province of Iadoma, there is a civil war between rival princelings. Prince Dercado and his Company of Honor are fighting Prince Silvantes and his Justicars. [Company of Honor and Justicars refer only to the names of each Prince’s loyal followers.] The war is currently at a stalemate and recent skirmishes have been evenly matched. Both sides are desperately seeking away to break the impasse.

Prince Silvantes has sent his sorcerous lieutenant, an Ophirean named Thestimedes, to find the legendary Breastplate of Renaldo. Thestimedes, in turn goes to Kordova to hire some lackeys to get the Breastplate. The PCs are those lackeys.

The Breastplate of Renaldo lies entombed with the remains of Duke Renaldo. Renaldo lived over a thousand years ago and his reign marked a renaissance of sorts. Because Renaldo was a just and honorable rule, he was able to achieve and maintain a peaceful Zingara. All the arts flourished under his patronage, but most noticeable were the duels. The Duels were highly structure jousting and fencing matches. Everything that could be filigreed with gold and laced with silver was. Knights wore helmets with silk linings, pearl inlay, and gold plating.

The height of this style was Renaldo’s Breastplate. Created by a scholar armorer, it held certain magical properties and was the most beautiful piece in all Hyboria. Its color was silver with Gold filigree depicting a Falcon (Renaldo’s family crest) fighting a Serpent. This was compassed with gold and platinum ivy and leaves.

Note–If the players put the breastplate on, it functions like a normal breastplate. Its magical properties are only active with the proper command or when worn by a Noble of Hyborian blood. If any of the PCs are noble, it only activates with a command.

Thestimedes gives the PCs a symbolic map to the lost city of Carcossa.
I've put the map online here:
He tells them that the distances are not right, but the directions are absolute. For instance. Even if they can see the rocky hills before they find the Face, they shouldn’t try to jump ahead.
The following info is unknown to Thestimedes:
  • The Face of the River is a rock Formation. From there the PCs should head southeast.
    Giant’s Boneyard is a petrified forest. It has a sprinkling of live trees amidst the fallen stone trunks.
    The Pools of Smoke are steaming hot sulfur springs.
    The Forest of Blood is populated with trees that have bright red leaves.

The Lost City of Carcossa
  • Walled city
    Metal gate
    Many buildings; all point toward the temple
    Temple is a square building with columns and a dome.
    Renaldo’s tomb lies beneath the Temple in the royal crypt..
    A Great Serpent and a family of apes roam the ruins.

I have some more info at home which describes the tomb. I am running this for 2 3rd level PCs, one of whom has never RPed before, so this is all pretty simple.

Depending on what the PCs do with the Breastplate, should they get it, could set up a long term adversary (Thestimedes, Prince Silvantes). One of them is already planning on keeping it.

Both of those sound really Great. Raphael looks like you put a lot of detail into the background of the story. Im sure you have NPC stats and stuff too. I wouldnt mind getting my greasy little fingers on your adventure...
DasClay said:
Both of those sound really Great. Raphael looks like you put a lot of detail into the background of the story. Im sure you have NPC stats and stuff too. I wouldnt mind getting my greasy little fingers on your adventure...
You know, I actually don't have any stats yet. I just finished drawing the Temple/Crypt map.

Like I said this is a simple adventure with a few combats to wet the PCs feet. I was going to have them attacked by some kind of critter along the way. There are two "zombies" guarding Renaldo's Sarcaphogus. A basic retrieval operation.

The real fun begins when they decide what to do with the Breastplate. (The Zingaran Soldier is already thinking about keeping it for himself. ) If they do not meet Thestimedes at the agreed location, he will hunt them with fury and vengence. If they ask a little more about the Civil War, they may find out that they are helping the "bad guys" by getting the Breastplate.

What I like about this adventure is its scaleability. Your PCs a higher level? add more nastiness at Carcossa, maybe another group of adventures trying to get the Breastplate at the same time!

See it would work well for me because of the adventure im running is in the Pictish lands, but I could modifiy it to fit the story. There with a Poitain Knight right now, that has only told them he was looking for a lost treasure, and has paid the PCs to help him retreive it. The kicker is he hasnt told them what there looking for, so they cant double cross him. That would fit in well, being that the knight could be working to retrieve it for the other side, could make for a good battle, you know two groups at the same place, at the same time...
Brestplate of Renaldo sounds excellent. I'd like to incorporate it into my campaign when the PCs reach Zingara.

I was looking for a scenario to run in Zingara with the Civil war as background.

I was toying with the idea of a Noble sending the PCs in the middle of the fray to rescue his daughter.
PCs fight their way through to the town where daughter last seen.

Daughter has been ambushed by Ghouls from Forest. PC enter Ghoul city in forest, fight Ghouls and Giant Spider to free her.

Some sources for ideas I was looking at were:

1) First chapter of Darkness Weaves (Kane Novel) descibing Ghouls and an ambush (Could be by Rebels?)

2) Kings in Darkness (Elric story - Michael Moorcock) good for Ghoul City.

Thanks for your comments.
Seeker your idea sounds good as well. I like it, you need to keep working on it, and smooth things out on it. Its a very good Idea.