Scanning a ship


Hi, I have thought up some rules for scanning a ship, not just scanning for contraband etc, but just a normal scan. I haven't seen any rules governing this in the books and I just want some feedback on my ideas.

Range increment: 10 (just to detect is 100, as described in the rule book (the 100 in the book I use as the first increment, so it's possibly to detect something much further away)).

DC: Targetted ship’s Stealth value (if it's a structure on a planet, then the GM will have to come up with a DC depending on the structure, military higher etc)

The DC can be raised for specific systems onboard (ie. Smugglers compartment etc, which can be used to hide/conceal weapons), but only one roll is needed. So different systems might get different results.

User succeeds with:

0-5 User finds out size of target (if previously unencountered, otherwise the character might know it just by seeing it). If weapons are online it will be shown, if not, then the scan will not reveal if the targeted ship has any weapons at all.

6-10 If it has weapons and how many (even unpowered ones). How many are onboard. Sensor bonus. What state the hull is (in percent).

11-15 What kind of weapons. What race the crew is (only if the race is known and is logged in the computer (most races are, but the more exotic ones are not). What state the engines are in (in percent).

16+ What is the state of the crew (injured, dead, healthy). This is only possibly if the race is also known. What kind of cargo, if any, and how much (if the computer can recogize the items, GM judgement). Targeting bonus for each weapon system. Weapon range and reloads, if any.


That looks decent but I'd have 0-5 should just be the hull type of the ship, if there's any major damage (missing sections), and active systems. With that small of a margin of success you really wouldn't find out too much beyond the painfully obvious.