Sadness, rpg sale


due to a variety of reasons im basically being forced to sell alot of my books, figured id offer you guys a shot at some of the stuff

2nd edition AD&D:
1 PHB's
2 DMG's
1 Monster Manual (main one)
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Dragonlance Campaign setting
Legends and Lore
Character Record Sheets (AKA the green sheets)
Dungeon Masters Screen
Players Option: Skills and Powers (soft cover)
Players Option: Combat and Tactics (soft cover)
DM Option: High Level Campaigns
Arms and Equipment
Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings
Complete Book of Dwarves
Complete Book of Elves
Complete Thiefs Handbook
Complete Druids Handbook
Complete Paladins Handbook
Complete Pscionics Handbook
Priests Spell Compendium Vol 1
Players Survival Kit (from Mystara Campaign setting)

3rd Edition:
Scarred Lands Campaign Setting Ghelspad
Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Ghelspad
Scarred Lands DM Screen and Companion
Sunless Citadel (adventure 3.0, 1st level characters)
Character Sheet Accessory (only sheets left are sorceror, druid, barbarian and cleric, also contains 1 spell sheet, plus quick look up booklet, would be a throw in with the other D&D stuff)
Hero Builders Guidebook (another toss in)
Defenders of the Faith
Slaine (d20 OGL game)
Tir Nan Og (sourcebook for Slaine)

Vampire Stuff
VTM main book (revised
Guide to the camarilla
Guide to the sabbat
Guide to the anarchs
Story tellers guide
Vampire storytellers companion (with ST screen)
Players guide (2nd edition)
Blood magic: secrets of thaumaturgy
Time of thin blood
Hunters Hunted
Dirty secrets of the black hand
Anarchs cookbook
Dark ages vampire (revised)
Dark Ages Storytellers Companion (and screen)
Ravnos Clan Book
Setites Clanbook (2nd ed)
Gangrel Clan book (2nd ed)
Brujah Clan book (2nd ed)
Lasombra Clan Book (2nd ed)
Giovanni Clan Boo (2nd ed)
Constantinople By Night (dark ages 2nd ed city book)

Guildbook: Sandmen
Dark Reflections: Spectres

Main Book (revised)
Akashic Brotherhood Tradition Book
Mage ST Companion
Mage ST Handbook

Main Book (2nd edition)
War in Concordia

2nd edition main book
Players Guide (2nd edition)
Get of Fenris Tribebook (2nd edition,. Slight tear on cover)
Get of Fenris Tribebook (Revised, no damage)
Bastet Changing Breed book (2nd edition)
Book of the Wyrm 2nd edition
Possessed Players Guide

Rosicrucian Covenant Book
Mystery Codex
Abomination Codex
Main Book
sorry you are getting rid of the stuff as I play and collect mongoose games nothing there for me but thank you for first pick 8)
Nothing I'd like that I don't already have, but I'm sure someone will want some of it.

There seems to be a spate of RPG sales going on at the moment.

It's an actual word, I didn't realise it was a mainly British word till I looked it up just now to prove it (thought I maybe spelt it wrong).
Bloomin' Colonials :lol:

spate (spāt)
1) A sudden flood, rush, or outpouring: “It issues a spate of words from the loudspeakers and the politicians” (Virginia Woolf).
2) Chiefly British.
a) A flash flood.
b) A freshet resulting from a downpour of rain or melting of snow.
c) A sudden heavy fall of rain.
[Middle English.]

Hey, I'm a colonial but know what spate means! Guess we Aussies are a little closer to the ol' Dart than our American brethren. :wink: We do still share the same Queen, I suppose ... :?

Prophet, I wish there was something there I was after right now. As a major lurker on these boards and a huge Slaine fan, I feel I owe you something for the amazing efforts you've put in to helping Slaine gamers out these past months. 8) :D

Guess all I can do is say cheers, mate, hope the sale goes well!
its not a big thing... lol

theres just been some stuff come up lately, and im not really able to continue with the games i have, though i do still plan on continueing to make my files available, and continue working on more files
prophet118 said:
... though i do still plan on continueing to make my files available, and continue working on more files

Ah, that is great news! They've proved invaluable for me and I genuinely appreciate your ongoing efforts. :)
did i finish the insults file?... anyone know off the top of their heads?

i lost track of alot of things over the last few months
nah, not sure myself, mate. Got this creeping senility thing happening and tend to forget ... to forget... what have I forgotten? :wink:
Sorry to hear about the sale. :( Unfortunately theres nothing there I don't have, but I sent the list to a few White Wolf friends and the like