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I've always wanted to ask this question and since this board is so overwhelmingly helpful with all things conan and conan D20 I figured I'd ask it here.

I'm a player in a game and our GM has never really been clear on the rules for a foot chase...

If there are two humans of equal size and encumbrance and base speed of 30 feet, how to do calculate a foot chase?

Thanks in advance everyone!
Hope this helps:

Evasion And Pursuit
In round-by-round movement, simply counting off squares, it’s impossible for a slow character to get away from a determined fast character without mitigating circumstances. Likewise, it’s no problem for a fast character to get away from a slower one.

When the speeds of the two concerned characters are equal, there’s a simple way to resolve a chase: If one creature is pursuing another, both are moving at the same speed, and the chase continues for at least a few rounds, have them make opposed Dexterity checks to see who is the faster over those rounds. If the creature being chased wins, it escapes. If the pursuer wins, it catches the fleeing creature.

Sometimes a chase occurs overland and could last all day, with the two sides only occasionally getting glimpses of each other at a distance. In the case of a long chase, an opposed Constitution check made by all parties determines which can keep pace the longest. If the creature being chased rolls the highest, it gets away. If not, the chaser runs down its prey, outlasting it with stamina.


i would take STRENGHT instead of's a question of "body power" to sprint not to be very dextrous


But then you open a can of worms since Constitution would then be drawn into it as well, but that's what Fatigue is for. Dexterity isn't just coordination in d20. It's agility and reflexes, which comes into play alot when running away from a person aggressively. Afterall the notorious "chase trip" is what gets people caught in movies all the time... ;)



I once used the chase rules found in Fantasy Flight's "Cityworks" sourcebook for my Midnight campaign. Worked really well; I don't like just handing over the quarry, or conversly, having the quarry get away, just because that's the way the story is written. I like basing an outcome as much as possible on the efforts of the player.