Runequest on Halloween. Any ideas?


I've talked with somebody about running a Runequest game on or near Halloween. Perhaps one set in the setting of Ravenloft.

But I'm still not entirely sure what I'll do. Running a "Halloween game" is more pressure than running a game on the 17th of August. I suppose I could find a way to use druids as villians, since I've been doing some thinking about them.

I'm also thinking of combining ancient and archaic characters, either in an archaic setting, or perhaps having them meet half-way in some kind of victorian setting.
Oh, yeah, Jack'O'Bears... and an Eville Duck.

Do the ol' Elmal fights Chaos quest, featured in the KoDP PC game. Damn fine game. I've begun replaying it recently.

Another idea is run an encounter with the cult of Hungryjack. . wonder if Hungryjack made it ito the new book?
I wouldn't have thought of a halloween game set on Glorantha, but I suppose it could be a good way to introduce Gloranthan characters into the game.

best horror scenario i ever ran was Michael O Briens 'In darklights shadow'
where you play thanatari striving for initiation. The horror is redoubled because you are on the side of the monsters.

Unfortunately this was never produced professionaly, but i do have a photocopied copy won at the Convulsion auction in 2000. I think MoB would be ok if i gave a photocopied copy away for postage cost - i'll mail him. PM me if interested.