Rune of Jhebbal Sag



If I read this spell correct the Sorcerer can paint or inscribe this on any service - including an amulet or himself.

If this is true a Pictish Shaman could inscribe it on a wooden amulet or even better, tattoo it on himself or even others. Result = a party or sorcerer that will never be attacked by animals or subject to summoned animals.

I guess this turned out to be more of a statement than a question, but if I am reading into the spell incorrectly go ahead and speak up.
You are reading the spell correctly.

I don't like it either. A simple house rule would be that so long as whatever it is you inscribed the rune on remains "rooted in the earth" the runes duration is "mortal" as listed. If the object the rune is inscribed on is ever moved though, the duration drops to 1 min/level. This then lets the spell be used to conscrate a shrine to Jebbal Sag or for the party to protect their campsite for the night but not as a permanent, mobile anti-animal zone.

BTW: a shaman woldn't want to tatoo the rune on himself anyway, if he did he would never be able to summon beast again.