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Earlier today, JMS launched this rumor on :
JMS said:
One last aside, on a long term project...a certain known film writer/director was recently asked by a particular studio to do a series using an established character. This person is a big fan of B5 as well as a friend, so a call came to me to ask if I wanted in on this. I said hell yes. I can't say much else about it, because a) it wouldn't be appropriate and b) things can still fall out, though that's doubtful at this stage (negotiations have formally begun with the studio), but if it does go ahead, the plan is to write the whole first season over the course of 2005, shoot in the spring of 2006 for a fall 2006 debut. There are reasons why we'd have to write the whole thing first that will become clear once I can explain what the character is. Again, I dont want folks to get too excited about this, because this is a weird business and this is the one town where hope can kill you, but if it goes ahead as discussed, it could be massively cool.
What can it be ? Whose B5 character would it be ? Let the guessing game begins... My bet would be Alfred Bester, but honestly I'm in the dark.
redlaco said:
What can it be ? Whose B5 character would it be ? Let the guessing game begins... My bet would be Alfred Bester, but honestly I'm in the dark.

Great news, but it's not a B5 character (necessarily) - the writer/director is a B5 fan though.

I strongly suspect we're talking a comic or literary character here.

Possible writer/directors...

* Joss Whedon (that would be a dream pairing to my mind...)
* Peter David (Who I know is a good friend of jms)
* Bryan Singer (Another dream pairing, though Bryan is a busy bunny these days)
* James Cameron (need I say more...)
* Peter Deluise (whom jms has worked with extensively on Jeremiah - I think this is our boy, but so far he's mainly worked for MGM and jms has sworn off having anything to do with them again...)

I'll start you with one character that would rock as a TV show...

* The Stainless Steel Rat
what about the new proposed B5 series that has been sitting idle for a year?

You must be right Paddy, I just got exited for... maybe nothing.
It happens whenever B5 is concerned. :roll:

The Stainless Steel Rat would be a sensible choice, yes.

@Mike (Qstor): He mentionned a serie based upon a character, so I don't think it is a revival of the whole B5 as we knew it.

Anyway, we still have the B5 movie to wait for.
I don't know if this is somehow related or not, but according to production is going to start on a feature Bab5 movie written by JMS called "Memories of Shadows" in April. The blurb said it will have a technomage called Galen in it. :)
I've been trying to google to find confirmation for Paul's news, but this would be lovely

The original source for this is Production Weekly, and can be found at

The date that is mentioned matches up with what JMS has hinted at. This would be sweet. :D :D
I found something at