Rules Question- Ready Actions

Sgt Xin

I've had some trouble getting my head around the Action / Ready Action thing. I think I got it now, but I still have a few questions.

Opening a Tunnel Entrance. Special ready action, then open. Do you take a ready action (IE get ready) then use another action to open the tunnel? Or is the act of opening the tunnel a "special ready action"?

Brain bug powers. Using Rupture takes a ready action. Again the same question, does it take a ready action (IE get ready) then use another action to Rupture. Or is the act of using Rupture a "special ready action"?

Sorry to beat a dead horse, just trying to get it right.
You have to look closely at the wording in each case. For tunneling, in every case where you're either making a new entrance or tunneling in a "free" direction (not towards/away from an entrance/other tunneling marker), it says to use a Ready action followed by the special tunneling movement action. So in those cases you would use two actions (Ready, then execute).

For Rupture the wording is different: "The model must use a Ready action TO MAKE THE ATTEMPT" (my emphasis). No mention of a second special attack action following the Ready. So, if you're feeling particularly lucky, a Brain could in fact make up to three Rupture attacks in a turn (two normal actions, plus one for Co-Ordinate).