RQ - POW dedicated to Divine Magic

There is some dispute as to the effect of dedicating POW to Divine Magic on raising POW. If a priest dedicates POW to Divine Magic does he still take that POW into consideration when attempting to raise his POW in the meantime. There are I guess two obvious interpretations, each raises it's own problems.

(Sorry we don't have problems, we have "opportunities" :lol: )

1> Yes he does - this unfortunately puts a very real limit on the Priest's ability to build up Divine Magic (particularly problematic for Priests like trickster or Gorakiki* who rely on "suites" of spells. Not to mention the cost of stored MP to power his Rune Magic.

2> No he doesn't - Allows the priest to build large stocks of Divine Magic easier. The only real issues raised with this option are POW gain rolls are easier for Priests who blow dedicated POW on Divine Magic (which makes sense from the gods' point of view, I guess) and what happens to any "released" POW which would take the PC over 21. (Presumably it is lost)

I think the second option makes the most sense, but which is the correct interpretation. Or is there a third way?

(*Granted I'm second guessing that Gorakiki spells work the same way in this edition)
Hi, I'm also looking for answers and not able to give you a correct interpretation.

From my point of view the Dedicated POW says, that only a limited amount of Devine Spell Magnitudes can be hold by a character - and also the MP's can not be gathered to power e.g. Runemagic.
So I think the Charakteristic is still the original value and if you try to increase that it is still on a high level and not easy to enhance.
(I think that is Number 01 in your list)

Hope some competend administrator from Mongoose will help us.