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I know that Lone Wolf is still a really new game, and I'm relatively new to the comings and goings of the RPG market, but I keep seeing tons of releases for Conan and several for Starship Troopers, but only Dawn of Destruction in the cue for Lone Wolf. Does anyone know a reason for this? Is Lone Wolf just the newest of the set, and therefore does not have enough momentum for many releases? Is there another reason?

I guess my concern comes in because I was burned by Decipher with the Lord of the Rings RPG, and it seems they're not even supporting the forums or the RPG website anymore. I just don't want to see another of my favorite licenses fall away, and I'm just reaching out to you who have been around RPGs longer to see if this is normal.
I perfectly understand your worry. I have the same.

But many messages on these boards have been reassuring. So I'm reassured.

My opinion is to let Mongoose publish at their own rate but... PUT SOME PRESSURE TO HAVE MORE ALL THE SAME! :wink: :p
What Sabbak said.
My guess is we'll see about 2 books per year with a few adventures thrown in. I guess it will end like Slaine, which is only supported in S&P after about ten supplements. Or maybe not, depends on the sales figures.

Given how Mongoose seems fond of minis these days, there might be a minis game somewhere down the line, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Now I know it may all sound a little pessimisttic, but I'm just trying to be realistic, here. Despite the eagerness and dedication of the fan base, I'm sure the LW RPG is selling far less than Conan or B5... It's mostly a nostalgia trip for those who knew the gamebooks back in the days, but I don't hear about many newcomers to fantasy RPG picking up that game. They're probably falling for stuff like Eberron or Forgotten Realms, settings with far more exposure.

Please prove me wrong... :wink:
i will try my best :D

LW is one of the best setting ever created by a human mind

so go for it and buy everything :p
Oh, I totally agree and have already done that (buying everything out there already)!
No need to preach to the converts... :lol:
For Intrest I found the first 16 books in the gamebook serries down loadable and it works on pc so its very cool, there is also the first 3 in the 4 greystar wizard books.The sight was last updated on 15 march so I think it will eventually have all 28 LW books. Its called project Aon if anyone wants to check it out.
Question if nobody minds...........where can I get the 28 Game nooks preferibly with the puffin book front cover art. A lead would be nice. Thanks guys.
For the record I believe LW was my first steps into the world of roleplaying I too will buy it all.
ProjectAon has the license to publish Books 1-20 of the LW series and Books 1-4 of the Grey Star series as well as the Freeway Warrior books. They're currently trying to contact artists so that the Magnamund Companion may be published.

They do not have the license for the New Order books at present. As for where you might obtain them, ebay or second hand bookshops are still your best bet.