Rotary Cannons??



Are their any special rules concerning them or are they just a class of autocannon that takes more space and weight. I looked around my copy of armoured companies but couldnt find any rules the only difference i saw was Rapid Fire # projectile for the weapon type does the # mean that i has a modified rapid fire rule or is this just a typo
The rules are there, some where, but a bit unclear.

IIRC they can fire an additional shot at a -2 mod. but I could have sworn I saw some thing that allowed more than a fourth shot. IMHO the weight change is not worth a single extra shot.
if you do find the rules in the book can you please post what page there on
Look at the notes under the second page of the weapons table.

A single additional shot when rapid firing at a penalty -2 applied to each shot (in addition to the -3 rapid fire penalty) seems weak for the additional mass and hard point. Allowing up to three extra shots at an additional -2 each would be reasonable.