Rookies Guide to Atlantis & The Black Atlantic


Just got this book today and I have to say it is going to improve the adventure I am about to run by about 200%. My adventure is based on the Dredd book Black Atlantic (which I know none of my players have even heard of yet) and getting this RG has saved me a whole heap of work :} I might even be tempted after the adventure is over to post the team over to Atlantis for a while and allw them to police an aquaball tournament or something similar.

I just want to say a big THANKS to Mongoose for supporting the Dredd RPG so well. I should be getting the RG to the Undercity any day now and am awaiting the Awakening with baited breath!

RG to Atlanis is a great read and contains a whole heap of stuff that I am definitely going to use very soon.
I picked up the RG: Atlantis recently as well and agree that it seems filled cover to cover with useful info Marc Farrimond did an amazing job putting this together. I haven't read it all yet, and I also haven't managed to track down any of the Judge Dredd novels, but I hope to do so soon.

I can highly recommend the RG: Undercity though. Matt Sharp covered a great deal in that book, and issues 11 and 12 or Signs & Portents magazine have additional info that didn't fit into the guide. You will definitely want to pick up both.

As much as I'm always on here begging for more products, I have to say that so far, Mongoose has done a really good job releasing products, and I hope it continues... at least until all of the main items are covered (Cursed Earth, please!!!). Even if you do not play the rpg (shocking thought), the source material alone is worth it's weight in gold. Most artists and writers for 2000ad seem to have very different views of the Big Meg and the world surrounding it. Things are much more solidified now than in the early days of the comic, but source books laying things out will go a long way, in my mind, to helping form a structure.

Have you listened to any of the audio progs yet?