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Can anybody at Mongoose give me a straight anwwer as to when the Road to Kings will be in stores? It seems like it has been pushed back again. This week, this month, next month, next year?
Mongoose, anything?....
I had prebought it on Walmart and the other day I got an email from them about it. It said the book didn't arrive on time and if it doesn't come in by 10 days they'll automatically cancel my order. Kinna sucks since I was trying to get the prebuy price for it.
I hope this time "This month's release" won't mean "last day of the month". It's obvious that the quality of the product is more important than the release date, but RoK is... well, pretty damn essential :)
Spotted this on's forums:

Two questions:

1. Can we please have a release date on Road of Kings? Yeah, we all ready know it's late, but I'd like to know how much longer we have to wait.

2. Is Road of Kings tardiness going to throw the rest of the Conan line's release schedule out of whack?


Jeremy Harper

Yo Harper!

My latest information is that Road of Kings goes on sale next Monday, which means it will be in your local stores and book shops in less than a fortnight.

A little late, I apologise, but there were some licence issues we could not avoid (nothing serious) that added two weeks to the production time. I also hasten to add that multiple proofreaders have been over this tome with a fine toothpick. . .

As for the rest of the line, no, it should not have a knock-on effect- Pirate Isles has, I believe, already gone off to print, the second printing of the RPG will be going off soon (along with the GMs screen, I am told), Thunder River and Free Companies are already written and waiting to go and text is coming in for books further down the line.

Nope, the future looks good for Conan!

Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing

I just hope my preorder doesn't get canceled by Walmart.
Mongoose once again makes my local (polish) gaming companies look like a bunch of amateurs. Can't wait to get my hands on RoK :)