Road of Kings Release?



8) Whem is the Road of Kings going to be released. It is the next Monday and Alliance Distributers still does not have the book? Second they are saying they will not have it until July? When is the Road of Kings coming out. This month or next? Dave
According to msprange there was a delay due to some kind of licensing problem. It set the release date back a couple of weeks.

Dying to get my copy too.
I'm getting fairly annoyed that we aren't getting any kind of update from Mongoose on this. Tell us if there is an issue and when it'll be out...please...
I know one thing. I can easily wait for this book. Rather wait, then have someone rush it. But, it will be here when it gets here. Though, I hear that somone already has it.

Also, Mongoose may or may not live on the mongoose boards like some of us seem to be. It might take a wee bit of time to make a PC statement from their PR.
Road of Kings appears to have gone from 'preorder' to 'add to cart' on the website.
Anyone seen it yet?
Yeah. It would be nice to get a straight answer for once. Oh well. Thier lack of candor has,at least, told us one thing.
I bought both the Conan book and Skelos. I've been looking forward to Road to Kings for a while.(long while)
I understand delays...whatever. It happens.
Straight answer soon or Mongoose has lost 1 loyal customer.
Sorry but honesty should not be too mush to ask. Or is it?
I believe it is currently on the way to the distributors, so it could be another week or so before Retail stores get hold of it.

We do not ignore threads on purpose, I have only just seen this thread.
Blackfrost said:
Only problem is the part that is titled availability which reads 'usually ships in 1-2 months'.

I knew it was too good to be true. Oh well. Lets hope it will be in stores in 2 weeks.
Oh... I just got my copy today. I haven't had a chance to peruse it yet (I was too busy drooling), but as soon as I get a decent thumb through it, I'll let you guys know what it's like, if you care to know.

Here's a glimpse of RoK:

Virtually a chapter on every country in Hyboria, including major locations/sites, the people, a map breakdown of the region, their religions, as well as some adventure hooks for each country drawn from REH writing.

I noticed that Mongoose has gone beyond the works of REH to flesh out some of the countries, which I for one am grateful they are all in one place instead of spread amongst so many writings.

There is a Game Mastering section at the end, which has even more adventure hooks and new feats. I'd say that the feat section seemed like it was a little thrown together with little introduction.

All in all, I found the book very informative (from my grazing), but left me wanting more. When is the Pirate Isles coming out? :) And more adventures!!

One thing I did notice on the site was you can add it to cart now rather than pre order. Dave 8)