Road of Kings Arrived


Well I placed an order at a few days ago for a few things (a horse book for my fiance', the making of Kingdom of Heaven book, and the Season One DVD set of the old Lorenzo Lamas TV show - Renegade), and decided to blow some more cash on the Road of Kings supplement.

I gotta say.. this is what an RPG setting supplement SHOULD be. Cover to cover flavour text with just the right smattering of crunchy bits to satisfy. The NPCs are nice (I don't tend to use pregens, but we'll see), and I haven't really sat down with the feats yet. But from what I have read so far, I'm quite pleased.

I'm happy that Mongoose hasn't decided to go the way of some publishers have - with 200 pages of crunch, much of which will be useless to me. Perhaps that's partly imposed by the setting - since you can't really cram 10 new Exotic Weapons, 16 Prestige Classes, and 54 new Spells into each supplement for a Conan game without seriously ticking off the fans.

But whatever caused it, I'm overjoyed. Next on my list are The Scrolls of Skelos and The Free Companies. I'm hopeful that they'll be just as good as the three Conan books I already own.

Excellent work. Mr. Darlage continues to impress.


Both Scrolls of Skelos and The Free Companies are excellent supplements. I think you'll be very happy with them.


Wow, I had placed an order for Hyboria's Fiercest with Amazon in FEBRUARY, and still haven't received it!!!!!! Nice you got something from them in the same geological era you ordered it in. :?

Personally, I don' think I'll ever order another game book on Amazon or it's 3rd party vendors anymore. Every order in the past year and a half has been severely delayed.

Anyway, enough of my rant. Hope you enjoy Road of Kings, it's probably the best resource for this game.