Rim Expeditions: Errata


Cosmic Mongoose
Guess I'll start.

Poster map, inset "Kruse Sector and subsectors" upper right: "Darkley" should be "Darkly"

p. 1: "Drowser" should be "Drower"

p. 107: "Xuangzang" should be "Xuanzang"
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Am in the process of reading it now, but one repeated error I've noticed: in multiple places "parsec" or "parsecs" was used when "sector" or "sectors" was meant - at least, I don't think it was intended that the Rimward Corridor was three parsecs wide, or that the Spinner was six parsecs from the Corridor...

Also, system hexes in the text for subsector places of interest are often misnumbered, as if the subsector was in position A within the sector. Numbering on the tables and the maps appears to be correct, though - at least, nothing immediately stood out to my eye.