Reviews/opinions of Electronic Warfare


How have you guys liked the electronic warfare rules so far? Any Comms meks in your parties? I still find them very confusing.

-Lord Rahvin
Yeah i have found electronic warfare a tad bit confusing.
I personally prefer a scout mek with good scanning equipment over a full blown comms mek.
Though on the other hand the theory of having a mek that helps mask your unit as you are going into combat is good.
Not to mention the ability to intercept and block enemy comunications.

I have a good hang of the scanning rules but that is about it :)
I think a good set of flow diagrams with the rules for E-Warfare would be a good idea. I've just completed a compilation of all the Meks sorted by role and price and u/led it to the Armageddon:2089 yahoogroup...i might get to work on a GMs screen kind of thing if there's enough interest..