Review of OGL Ancients on

I was cruising the web and found this review. Looks good. I already have my copy reserved. :)
Hmm. There are some things in this review that disturb me a little. I hope it's just the writer of that review ... since the details on the main site don't allude to them. Being Bulgarian I take old "Trak" and "Spartak" verrrrry seriously. I hope western influence (read goth) hasn't been liberally sprinkled within. Still, if it's deep there will be enough to work with. And unlike the anonymous comment on the site, I think that larger than life elements are good ... who would want to play D & D without the dragons? (Hey that's a whole D right there, otherwise it would just be playing D.)
Hmmmm. All the review did for me was tantalize me even further.

i have been pretty vocal about how much I like the OGL line, and this looks to be no exception.

I can't wait to see this product.

Seems like Age of Mythologies on Paper, This is going to compete with my Conan passion, mnay have to alternate. Already on pre-order.

Nice review. :)