Resources requested in OGL Line



I'm Mark Gedak besides being a loyal support of Mongoose Publishing and a Playtester; I recently became the Resources editor for Ethos Magazine.

We are an independent rpg/d20 ezine that has recently restarted after several years on hiatus. As a free e-zine, no one at Ethos is making any money off this project and everyone is a volunteer.

I know there are a lot of creative people using the OGL books from Mongoose for their home campaigns and I would be pleased if anyone was interested in submitting material to us for publication contact me at:

Resources Each issue of EM features a resources section with short cut 'n' paste resources that can be placed straight into a campaign. Examples include: Organizations, NPCs, Classes, Races, Advanced/Prestige Classes, and Monsters. Size: 500-1000 words for a smaller resource, up to 3000 words for a larger resource 9such as a complete organization or gang.

Right now I'm trying to peg down two to three resource articles for this issue, and I think it would be great to highlight the OGL line because it currently seems like such an untapped potential for development.

My current deadlines are:

20th April - Half-page Synopsis A half-page synopsis of your article for Issue #5 is needed by April 20th, so that we can begin to organize artwork, and editing for your article/prestige class. If you would feel more comfortable providing the entire article for this deadline, then that is okay, but we must have received at least a synopsis by this date


Mark Gedak
Ethos Magazine