Reliant Platform Proxy


Since reading about the idea of using massed Twin Fifty autocannon’s in S&P a while back I have liked the idea of equipping my army with a large battery. Whether or not it makes any sense to play like that doesn’t matter as I never get a chance to play, but it sounds and looks good.

But the Reliant’s seem and look a bit well whimpy (sorry) especially when compared to the modified Forgeworld emplacement also in S&P and not quite the idea I had in mind. Then while clearing out old stuff I came across these. They are from a certain other company which released them for a mass market version of their game 10-15 years ago, but I think they are a bit more suited for the job. They are slightly large (tall as a CAP trooper), but still.

So a quick black spray undercoat later (sorry for the inadequate pictures).



Now they just need to be painted, any suggestions?
Lol, space crusade stuff.
Hows about removing the imperial eagle?
You dont have too. The reliants are based on the ones in the series, reason for being wimpy is simple, easy to drop onto planets easily, powerful, without taking up space. Think of a PC compared to a laptop, just as powerful, but more mobile.