REH words, and a game of sorts.


Hello people!

I was thinking of something we could do, both to get our brains and adventure ideas going. It's the "write like REH game"! Howard used a very distinct writing style, with several uncommon words cropping up again and again, often times in the same paragraph. These words, in my opinion, are what make Howard's style so enjoyable; they are Conan words, and bring us into the mind's eye of Howard himself.

Here are several that I've picked up from his writing. If you know what they mean, good job, but I don't want to go into definitions. That's what is for!

Here is the list (by no means exhaustive) :

Pantherish (or tiger-like, or cat-like, or "like a leopard", etc you get the idea)

Also, you'll find some phrases or descriptions that occur over and over, like, "the hair on the back of his neck started to tingle", or "square-cut mane". You get the idea.

So, what game can we play with this collection of words? The game is this. You are to take as many of the words in the list as you like, and write a descriptive paragraph. I'll go first :)

The moon rose slowly, ophidian and unblinking, above the emerald forest. That yellow orb bathed a small clearing with its unhealthy light, painting it in differing shades of grey. There was no sound of animal, no movement at all. Presently a figure crept from the shadows; pantherlike he stepped into the clearing, his footfalls leaving no trace in the verdant sward that blanketed the ground. He was bare chested, and clothed only in a loin cloth, his mighty thews tensed and ready, his corded forearms gripped a silvery poniard; the copper gilt of the pommel reflecting dully in the moon glow. The figure stooped low, searching for the spoor of his quarry, and craned his neck from side to side, making an almost inaudible grunt of comprehension. With cat-like grace the figure darted across the clearing and entered once again into the fastness of the primeval forest.

There, done! I didn’t use all of the words, but I used some. Anybody else want to play? Anybody else have any good REH words or phrases to add?


Yogah of Yag

If you get concordance software you can enter in REH's texts and get a frequency list for all the words in the story/stories. I've done this to study REH's vocab. too to great effect.


Thats a cool sounding thing,but I don't really want to type out all his stories. And hey, you didn't play the game?!


Cool idea. Here's my effort:

He crossed the damp sward towards the carven entrance to the nighted cave. His gilt framed knife strapped to his corded left arm eerily sent shivers of moonlight ahead of him penetrating the ohirean blackness of the entrance. In a blink of an eye, he saw the gleam of steel and with pantherish quickness jumped to the side as an arrow, marked with his death, skimmed his right shoulder. Bounding up immediately, he raced for the entrance unsheathing his golden blade; his countenance one of a man who had just escaped death and meant to make the most of it.


Yogah of Yag

bc99 said:
Thats a cool sounding thing,but I don't really want to type out all his stories. And hey, you didn't play the game?!

I break all the rules and play my own game. 8)
You oughta try it sometime.
~~~~ SET IN HIS WAYS ~~~~

The dusky corded thews rippled with power as he stalked across the lawn,
the grim countenance of the Pantherish Barbarian was lit by the crimson dawn.
he passed a huge nighted weird carven ebon Ophidian Statue on the sward,
its gilt forked tongues and monstrous fastness only dreamed by an insane Bard?

His piercing blue gaze and huntsmans ways soon detected a curious spoor,
presently, he tracked it to the Statue base coils, and limned a secret door!
he drew his broadsword and poniard hanging from his tawny leather girdle,
when the Serpent-headed Priest emerged, her blood with shock did curdle!

For their evil to cease these reptile-beasts must all be decapitated!
heaving his chest, wiping sword on scaled breast, when will his anger be sated?
[ i have included a few more REH commonly used words like...
crimson, girdle, ebon, + poniard.]
thanks for the idea + for all who played the 'game'. :)
hey YOGAH, i like your avatar. superb. 8)