Refill collectors service?


Banded Mongoose
Can you buy exotic particles from space stations or fuel depots? Its something I've wondered about since the previous high guard was released. While collectors can greatly reduce the amount of space needed for jump fuel, it adds like a week to every jump.

Can you use exotic particles to power a ship? Use that instead of something like fusion?

Why can't a ship apply thrust while collecting exotic particles?

Can you collect exotic particles while traveling to a safe jump spot? I assume that the numbers on p. 163 assume you are under constant thrust, so not ideal for collecting particles. Can you apply some thrust, then drift for a week?
Collectors are not normal tech in the third Imperium. So in the Third Imperium nobody is collecting or selling said particles. In your own universe you can do whatever you want.
There's a use by date, at least in version 2.0.

One suggestion was breakaway hulls trawling for exotic particles, then when the corresponding starship transits in, replacing the exhausted breakaway hull, and jump.