Hi there. I understand character design ok but im having a few problems with the starting packages. Take a look at the field officer.
The field officer starting package reads:

Skill selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 5 + Int modifier

Skill Ranks Ability

Concentration 4 Con
Warmek Pilot 4 Dex
Scan 4 Int
Spot 4 Wis
Technical 4 Int

So if my intelligence mod was +2 i could choose 7 skills but do i have to select from the skillls above in the list. i.e concentration,warmek pilot,scan,spot or technical. Or can I choose any skills for my 7 skills to choose from. What does that list above mean. Do I have to select from those skills????????????????

Also under character creation you receive a bonus feat(General or Warmek feat of my choice) for the field officer but under starting package you receive a feat:weapon focus + a bonus feat:skill focus and another bonus feat:vehicle dodge. It seems you get lots more feats for a starting package than you do when you create a charcter from scratch. Is this correct???? Would appreciate anybodys help on this please. Thanks guys
Starting packages are Sample packages to make characters. In some cases they have more equipment than you would normally get.

You take either a starting package, adjusted for stats, or create your own character.

IMHO picking all the skills and feats yourself is the best way. Starting packages are good for NPCs and guidelines.

In the D20 system you get one feat for 1st level, one for being human and your class may grant a bonus feat at 1st level as we, for a total of three.