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I'm pretty sure it's cool to add this post here. I've done it before, a long while back. I don't sell things that often. If there's an issue, then, moddies, I'll gladly move it to where you suggest (or delete it if need be).

I'm selling a very rare CT book, published by DGP: Grand Census. MGT players may be interested.

I've got 2 copies. (I'd never sell my only copy of ANYTHING DGP.) It's been sitting around for years, so I'm finally getting around to listing this on eBay.

The auction goes live on Monday, June 3, 2013, at 18:10 PDT. Clicky, clicky to see the auction.

If you're interested-GOOD LUCK!

Here's the eBay description:


It's one of the most addictive rpgs ever published, and those that play it know that DGP produced some of the best supplements for the game. This auction is for the very rare, very hard to find, GRAND CENSUS. It's a book packed full (even the covers are used!) with rules and information about contacting and detailing cutlures. This supplement picks up where Book 6 Scouts left off.

I'll give you a concise overview of what's contained in the book so that you know exactly what it is that you are buying.

FORMS - Blank form for your game. IS Form 22 - Cultural Profile Form.

UTP - Universal Task Profile - A standardized task system created specifically for use with Classic Traveller.

SCOUTS - Detailed information on the IISS Exploration Office, with specific discussion of First Contact and Landing Party procedures. IISS definition of "sentience". A list of 24 Minor Races is included, cross-referenced with the Classic Traveller source that features the race.

LANGUAGES - Detailed rules for using languages in Classic Traveller. The Linguistic skill is brought to the game.

EQUIPMENT - Illustrated equipment necessary for contact with alien cultures. Various TL unit notes provided. IISS = Imperial Interstellar Scout Service.

Computer Language Translator
Field Glasses

Laser Communicator
Data-display/Recorder Headpiece

Pocket Med Scanner
Med Scanner Computer
"Sniffer" Bio Scanner

Portable NAS (Neural Activity Sensor)
NAS Handset
TL 15 Grav Belt

Enclosed 2-Man G-Tube
IISS Grav Bike
IISS 4-Man Air/Raft (deckplans included)

IISS Survey G-Carrier (deckplans included)
IISS Survey Uniform (both standard mode and vacuum mode)
IISS Service Patch (detailed)

IISS Branch Patches (all three Scout Branch patches detailed)

CULTURE DETAILING RULES - The meat of this book is devoted to a rules section that allow the Traveller GM to make any world come alive with a believeable alien culture. The standard world UPP will give you the tech level and starport class of a world. These rules allow the GM to use that basic information as a stepping stone to create a lot of detailed information about the world.

For example, only the world's main starport is listed in the UPP. These rules will help the GM establish other starports on the world. The GM will develop world profiles that help him with many aspects of the planet. For example, the UPP TL may be TL 6, but is that blanket TL to be used for each and every category of technology without exception? This book helps the GM discover the exceptions. A world with a passive population may have an overall TL 6, but their weapon technology may be at TL 4.

All aspects of the UPP are profiled, giving the GM information about the world's Social Outlook, Government and Law Level, Society and Culture, Economics, and Religion.

This is a fantastic, inspired work that every Classic Traveller GM should have at his disposal. At its core, Traveller is about traveling to new, unusual alien worlds. This book is dedicated to helping the GM create interesting, imagintive worlds, one after the other, so that each place the PCs visit will never seem like somewhere else that they've been.


I bought my first copy of this book back when it first came out and a few years ago I happened to grab one off of ebay for like $20 bucks. Although extremely simple, but well worth having. Now is Mongoose Publishing ever going to put out a book like it?
Oracle said:
Although extremely simple, but well worth having.

Yes, I love DGP materials. I'm not selling my only copy. I'd never sell the last one. I use it too much when I play Traveller. It's a great book. Where Book 6 Scouts (from Classic Traveller) expands the detail of a system physically, Grand Census does the same for the beings living on the world. It really helps the GM create some diverse cultures, making every place the players go unique and interesting.
Wil Mireu said:
Grand Census was all included in DGP's World Builders Handbook, wasn't it?


Grand Census and Grand Survey are Classic Traveller products, published by DGP.

Once MegaTraveller came along, DGP used those two books as the basis for their MegaTraveller product, the World Builder's Handbook.

I own all three books. I like to stay within the same game system, so, when I play CT, I use Grand Census and Grand Survey. When I play MT, I use the World Builder's Handbook.

Although quite a bit different, GDW published the World Tamer's Handbook for Traveller: The New Era. It covers some of the same ground as the other three books.
Auction ends tomorrow, for those interested.

I set the Reserve Price to $85 bucks, so this is not really something that the casual Traveller player would be interested in. It's more for the true CT collectors out there, like myself. I saw the Noble Knight has one for a Buy-It-Now price of $125, and the only one on Amazon just sold for $100 bucks even. I was thinking that $85 is a competitive price, given those standards. Right now, my book and the one Noble Knight has are the only two I can find on the internet.

If the reserve isn't met, I'll probably just relist it for the same price. I'm pretty sure it will sell at some point, even if it takes a couple of tries at listing it.

Good luck!